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An African Story

African storyNorman Bastard grew up on a farm in Southern Kwa-Zulu Natal and, from a very early age had a deep-set love for, and interest in, nature and wildlife. In the childhood version of his life today, Norman established a wildlife club at his junior school where, along with his peers, he arranged wildlife outings and assisted with projects at a local Game Reserve.

Norman’s love for the bush carried on undiluted into adulthood. He became a professional hunter and safari guide, which gave him the experience he needed to eventually branch out on his own. Norman’s deep understanding of, and respect for, the African bush and her myriad creatures led him away from hunting safaris and into the line of game viewing. He much prefers to share the living, breathing wonders of Africa’s natural heritage with his clients. By taking people on a journey beyond their wildest imaginings, through the wilderness of the unforgiving African bush, Norman hopes to contribute to a greater appreciation for, and drive towards, saving the many endangered species from their potential demise. Tembelani Safaris was registered in 2001 and has been leading people on unforgettable safaris ever since.