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Why go Wild

Why go wild?In this technology driven age of constant connectivity and instant information, it is often difficult to power down and disconnect ourselves. There is a danger that we forget the real world outside of the virtual one. While there are still unspoilt wilderness areas out there in the real world you owe yourself the life enriching, soul nourishing opportunity to experience them. Not from the comfort of your office chair, but out there. Out where you can indulge your senses of sound, scent, taste and touch, as well as sight. And the sights you see, out there, are more dramatic, more elusive, just… more.

There will always be rhinos, elephants or the big cats on a cyber-safari; species are not endangered in a virtual reality. By heading out into the real African bush on a real life safari you will revitalise your soul and create memories beyond your wildest dreams. And you will hear, smell, taste, feel and see a world that needs people to experience its reality, in order for it to survive for the next generations to know.